The Orfeo Music Festival is a summer classic music concert series and an intensive study program in Northern Italy that brings together musicians from all continents under a motto "Making Music Together." The Festival is an independent nonprofit organization.  Recently we upgraded the location from a small difficult to access village to a beautiful Alpine town Vipiteno. Now Orfeo Festival participants can fully benefit from and enjoy Vipiteno’s warm hospitality and charming ambiance.

When is the application due?

Applications are accepted from November 1 through February 10.  After February 10 we will accept application if spaces remain, please inquire by email.  Our online application form can be accessed for more information.

Can I apply online?

Yes, please access Application Forms for Instrumental and Voice Institute programs on the Application page, and for Amateur Chamber Music Program on its own page.

How are the students selected for admission?

The selection criteria is based on student’s ability to play. All auditions are by video recording (email a link, Youtube video, mp3, or DVD).

Can you provide an example of audition recording program?

Your audition recording should contain two contrasting works of your choice. These may include a slow movement, a virtuoso piece, or two compositions from different historical periods, a set of vocal selections for the vocalists. The total length of your recording should be up to 10 min. 

What age groups participate in the Festival?

Our students range from 7 to adult.  We have a variety of programs to accommodate junior, advanced high school, college, graduate students, amateur musicians, as well as young professionals. Students under the age of 14 should be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

Where will I live and eat during the Festival?

Participants are housed in several small local hotels in beautiful Apline town Vipiteno, all in walking distance to the Festival Academy and concert venues. Breakfast is served in hotels, dinner is served in various restaurants throughout town on weekdays.  On weekends you are free to explore the local restaurants for lunch and dinner independently, or dine out of town if on a day trip.

Will I have an opportunity to perform?

Yes, concerts are held every day and students actively prepare and participate in Orfeo Festival concerts.

Will I have an opportunity to play in an orchestra?

Yes, we offer Orfeo Festival Orchestra and Orfeo Festival Chamber Orchestra performance opportunities during the festival where repertoire is assigned well in advance of festival opening.

Will I need to bring my stand?

All string players must bring their own stand.

Do I need to bring any music scores?

If you plan to prepare repertoire with piano accompaniment or chamber music you need to provide the scores.

SInce transporting my cello/contrabass is inconvenient for me, can I rent it on location?

Yes, a limited number of cellos and contrabasses is available for rent. You need to let us know by May 1 and we will be glad to reserve one for you.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

Bring your dressy and smart casual summer clothes, a swimming suit if you like and some warm clothes, perhaps a sweater or a jacket. Average temperatures run from around 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night to low 80s during the day in July. You will truly enjoy the weather here, which is nearly impossible to match in the rest of Europe during this time of year! Your concert clothes should contain typical colors for group performances: white/black top, black bottom, black shoes. If you are scheduled to perform solo bring your dressy concert clothes. Ladies are required to cover shoulders in churches according to local tradition. Long skirts are preferable to pants for females. The following clothes are not appropriate for evening concerts both if you perform or attend: tank tops, shorts, jeans, flip-flops. You might also want to bring an alarm clock with you and umbrella or rain poncho for rainy days.

What can participants do on free days?

The free days are Saturday and Sunday. There will be no classes held on these days so many participants will want to explore the mountains, swim in the beautiful new local pools (indoor and outdoor), go on day trips, or perhaps visit nearby cities and tourist attractions like Verona, Cremona, Venice, Lake Garda, Salzburg (all accessible by train or bus). There will be evening concerts on weekends featuring performances by our artists-in-residence and guest artists.

Are scholarships available?

A very limited number of scholarships is available to outstanding students on a first come basis. Students must request scholarship in writing and submit it with the application. Scholarship awards are made on the basis of recording evaluation and consultation with faculty. Scholarship students will be asked to perform small office duties at the festival. Please explore your local community, including arts, religious or civic organizations, schools and private donors for alternate sources of financial aid. Private donors are entitled to receive a tax deduction receipt from the festival since we are a non-profit organization. Please visit the Application page for more information.

Will I be able to play chamber music during the festival?

Pre-formed chamber groups are encouraged to apply. Every student will be requested to complete a Performance Repertoire Request form (solo and chamber) and then assigned a group and repertoire for performances if interested. All students will be receiving their solo and chamber assignments in May and have to arrive to the festival ready for rehearsal the next day. Students must bring their solo and chamber music parts and scores since there is no music library on location. Chamber groups will be coached by the festival faculty for performances.

Can I use my debit or credit cards there?

There are banks in town where you can exchange currency, cash your travelers checks, get cash from ATM machine (for this purpose you must make sure that your debit/credit card has one of these symbols – Plus, Cirrus, or EC). It is recommended that you bring both debit and credit cards with you in case one does not work.

How can I get to Vipiteno?

You can find travel directions on the “Location and Travel” page of the festival’s website. The ride from Munich airport is about 2,5 hours long,  Innsbruck airport is a little closer but also smaller.