Whether you are a college student majoring in voice or instrument, a student interested in arts and music, an educator, or an emerging professional interested to improve credentials, this outstanding program is for you. 


Orfeo Study Program offers




AMATEUR CHAMBER MUSIC PROGRAM for participants involved with music performance and

GENERAL ARTS PROGRAM for participants who are not musicians.

Orfeo Study Program  provides standard classical repertory training with world’s renowned performers and teachers for students of piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, and voice. Pre-formed chamber groups are encouraged to apply. Student have the opportunity to attend a dazzling array of professional festival concerts and to perform. String and woodwind players may participate in the Orfeo Orchestra and Orfeo Chamber Orchestra. Pianists have the opportunity to collaborate with other instrumentalists and singers.

In addition to individual Instrument/Voice instruction, we also offer Optional Courses (see below and the Application Form).

Both Instrumental Program and the Voice Institute are offered at Pre-College, College, and Amateur levels.

General Arts Program is non age-specific and does not require specialization in music or arts.


In Private Instruction Program the emphasis is made on individual instruction by Orfeo's Artists in Residence, enhanced by involvement in such group activities as Master Classes, Performance Classes, and, if offered, singing in choir if interested as well as playing in two festival orchestras. Complete Instrumental Program Application Form, mark Private Instruction box.

Chamber Music Program. We believe that it is very important for young musicians to play chamber music together where they learn interactive musical skills and discover new sides of their musical talent.  You may select to concentrate on chamber music playing rather than individual lessons during your stay at Orfeo this season. Repertoire and groups are organized in advance. Students are assigned specific compositions and have parts to prepare before they arrive. Complete Instrumental Program Application Form, mark Chamber Music Program box.

Instrumental Program is available for Pre-College, College,  Amateur participants and *(NEW!) Professional Development for Educators. Complete Instrumental Program Application Form or Voice Institute Form at the bottom of this page, on the "Registration and Fees" page, or HERE.


Orfeo Voice Institute is a program for singers at Orfeo Music Festival where, in addition to taking private lessons with leading teachers and coaches, students have the opportunity to perform solo, with chamber groups, engage  in opera scene concert production when offered, master classes with vocal teachers from the best European opera theaters, as well as language lessons and yoga. 

Orfeo Voice Institute is available for Pre-College, College,  Amateur participants and *(NEW!) Professional Development for Educators (Teachers welcome! Add  performances in Italy to your professional portfolio!). Complete Voice Institute Program Application Form at the bottom of this page or on the "Registration and Fees" page or HERE.


Teachers welcome! We offer professional development opportunity for certified educators and teaching artists. This is a unique opportunity to be immersed in music performance world for two weeks of your life, be mentored by top performers and to advance your performing skills. Add performances in Italy to your professional portfolio! Complete Instrumental Program Application Form or Voice Institute Form at the bottom of this page, on the "Registration and Fees" or HERE.


Orfeo's Amateur Program/Chamber Music Holiday - for more information and application please visit HERE.


Designed for students interested to pursue their general studies of art, music and language while traveling to Italy, including visits to famous historical locations and attendance of Orfeo Festival concerts, choir participation if desired, lectures, workshops and events. Complete General Arts Program Application Form at the bottom of this page or on the "Registration and Fees" page or HERE.


We offer several Optional Courses available to all participants and taught by Orfeo's world class faculty. It is a remarkable resource for enriching student's musical, mental, and physical horizons for years to come.

*NEW! - String Techniques course is designed to provide opportunity for growth as a player of string instruments. Students will work on correct posture and instrument placement, on developing correct left and right hand position and on  variety of performance techniques including left and right hand strategies. Taught by Dr. Routa Kroumovitch, Stetson University.

*NEW! - Contemporary Music. This course will focus on the discussion, performance, and artistry of contemporary and experimental music since 1970, including works of indeterminacy, free and structured improvisations, graphic notation, and contemporary performance practices. Taught by Dr. Jeffery Hutchins, Virginia Tech University.

*NEW! - Mindfulness for Musicians. Within the stress of daily practice, performance, audition, and competition obligations, musicians can often find themselves anxious, exhausted, and burned out. Many times this results in a performance that is less than your best. Based on the principles of Koru meditation, you will explore techniques for relaxation, management of performance anxiety, tools for practice efficiency, and mindful meditation. No experience is required. Prepare to meet your best self! Taught by Dr. Jamie Reimer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Additional Instrument or Voice instruction is offered as a supplement to your main instrument/voice instruction. Add adventure to your musical summer by exploring a new instrument and taking advantage of Orfeo's rich resources of international faculty specializing in a wide range of orchestral instruments, piano and voice.

Collaborative Piano is designed for pianists and offers an opportunity for intensive instruction in the art of collaborative piano.  Student is involved in active interaction with soloist or a chamber group. Work with professor is concentrated on collaborative skills.

Secondary Piano course for non-pianists offered by members of piano faculty involves individual instruction with emphasis on the thorough development of essential keyboard skills, technique, style, interpretation and repertoire accommodated to student’s individual level of progress.

Conducting Course is offered to festival participants of all specialties and is designed to familiarize students with fundamentals of conducting.  Students are able to observe conductors work with two Orfeo Music Festival orchestras.

Orchestra Auditions course is led by Zino Bogachek of Washington National Opera Orchestra. Students will explore excerpts from the standard orchestral literature, highlighting favorite audition materials of the major symphony orchestras. Each student will be given a list of excerpts and coached on how to prepare them. Emphasis will be on stylistic content, bowing, fingerings and challenging rhythms.  Students will participate in mock auditions and receive feedback. The course will also address the mental aspects of successful auditions and the expectations of professional orchestras.

Pedagogy course (Piano, String, Winds, Voice) cover fundamentals of teaching in each discipline and explore new trends and methods in the art of teaching. Students will be engaged in learning the subject by combining lectures, private and group lesson observations and class discussions of teaching techniques, and having a chance to practice some of the newly learned skills under close supervision of professor.

Developing the Musician’s Portfolio. In this course, students will work on developing all of the aspects of a musician’s portfolio under professor's close guidance. The participants will create their own biographies, learn about cultivating a professional image both on and off stage, have headshots taken and receive audio and video recordings of performances. Students will learn about creating a digital portfolio and website. The students will leave the class with a working digital portfolio, including headshots, recordings, and biographies.

*NEW! - The Entrepreneurial Musician. This course will focus on practical ways to make a living as a self-starting musician and will cover such topics as:  Finding Your Niche, Establishing and Running a Private Studio, Start Your Own Business, Marketing for Musicians, Resume/CV/Graduate School Applications, Music as a Tool for Social Change. 

Orfeo’s Health Program includes Body Mapping, Yoga classes and a new course, Psychology of Performance (see our Health Program page).

Orfeo Music Festival offers German/Italian Language course, invites all participants to perform in Orfeo Festival Choir, take Music History and Music Theory courses as well as attend traditional annual Art Exhibition and Art/Drawing Course.



1) The first step is to register for participation in the Orfeo Music Festival by filling out the Application Form found on the "Registration and Fees" page and submitting your payment. 

2) You will receive a Status of Admission email from us. If accepted, you will need to complete your registration by paying tuition within two weeks. You can pay tuition at the time of application if you wish to take advantage of special discounts. If you are not accepted, the tuition will be refunded to you. 

3) If you are a performing student, you will need to email your Concert Repertoire Request in early spring.

3) Notifications of orchestral repertoire, soloists, and chamber music groups are e-mailed to each performing participant six or more weeks before the start of festival.  All student concert appearances are subject to faculty approval and at the discretion of the festival organizers. Chamber music groups will start performances after several days of rehearsals. Everyone has to arrive with their parts learned and ready for rehearsal immediately. 

Because of popular demand, several day trips are offered  and will be available to select locations. Past trips have included Verona, Venice and Salzburg. There is plenty of superb recreation in the area including hiking in the Alps.


7.30 – Breakfast at your hotel
8.00 – Lessons/Coachings/Practice
14.00 – Lunch
15.00 – Public Master Classes
17.00 – Concert
18.30 – Dinner
20.30 – Concert 

Important Dates

February 15 – Application Form and Application Fee deadline. You can pay your tuition at the time of application in order to take advantage of special discounts (see Application Form). Your registration is not complete until all fees are paid.

After February 15 applications are accepted if vacancies remain, please inquire by email to info@orfeomusicfestival.com. 

To students who apply after the deadline and are accepted:

- your solo concert performances will be scheduled only if concert space remains.

 - if requesting to play in a chamber group, you will be assigned to groups that still need performers.

Non-U. S. students that need a visa for Italy: apply for Italian visa as soon as possible.

We advise that Chinese student apply for visa from U. S. if possible. 

March 1 - Tuition payment due (if applied by Feb. 15, if applied later, your tuition payment is due within two weeks of acceptance email). 

March 20 – Performing students only: submit by email Performance Repertoire Request.

May 10 – Performing students only: notification of assignments (orchestra, vocal, chamber, choir and soloists).

Notification of the Preliminary Round winners of the Orfeo International Music Competition and Concerto Competition.

May 20 – Competition Preliminary Round winners:  submit by e-mail your Final Round program after consulting with your teacher: two contrasting works from standard repertory to be performed by memory not exceeding 10 minutes (short piece, movement of a larger composition) or a set of pieces approved by the teacher for vocalists.

May 30 – Only PayPal payments are accepted after May 30 (see bottom of the "Application and Fees" page).

June 10 – Final email notice to all participants before festival begins.

July 5 – Arrival day (depart from U.S. on the previous day).

July 19 – Departure day.

Festival Office is closed during these periods:

End of festival – September 20 

December 15 – January 10

March 15 – March 25