Orfeo International Music Competition is comprised of the following specialties: voice, piano, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon. The competition is open up to age 30 and consists of junior and adult divisions. Winners will be featured in the special Competition Winners Concert. The following monetary prizes shall be awarded: Strings, Piano, Voice, Woodwind  Prizes at $400, Ruby Holland Prize $200, several Honorary Prizes.


Orfeo Festival Concerto Competition is open to piano, string and woodwind instruments.  Winners will receive Orfeo Concerto Prize and perform Concerto movement from Baroque or Classical period repertory  with the Orfeo Festival Orchestra. 

Each competition will have two rounds: Preliminary Round winners will be selected on the basis of video recording audition (application video for Orfeo International Music Competition and concerto recording for the Conceto Competition) and informed of their status by May 10. Preliminary Round winners will be required to e-mail their Final Round program after consulting with their teachers by May 20. This program may consist of two contrasting instrumental pieces from standard repertory or a set of pieces approved by professor for singers.  Selections should not exceed 10 minutes (e.g. short piece, a movement of a larger composition).   Final Round is held during Orfeo Music Festival and open to the public. 

In order to apply for participation in the two competitions, please complete the appropriate section(s) in the Application Form. Last year’s winners are not eligible.