Register Early and take advantage of discounts and scholarships available.

- Early Bird Discount if your tuition is paid by January 15, Refer a Friend Discount or Being Referred Discount (see Application Form for details).

- Scholarships are available, see information below.

- Tuition fees start from $2,300, see Registration Forms and Fee Table for details on fees and dates. 


音樂夏令營 - 義大利

Instrumental Program 

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Voice Institute  

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General Arts Program

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Mail-In Applications

If you prefer a pdf version of the Application Form please e-mail your request to Specify your program: Instrumental Program, Voice Institute, or General Arts Program.

Application Forms and payment dates are posted and available to public from December 1. Applications are accepted December 1 through February 15 and later if we have vacancies. Spaces for participants are limited. 

Inquire by emailing to the festival office, rather than asking a faculty member, about any financial or registration process questions.


1) Send Application Form and pay Application Fee as early as possible (you can send supplemental materials within a week). Application deadline is Feb. 15. We will accept later applications if vacancies remain.

2) Receive your Status of Admission email and, if accepted, complete your registration by paying tuition by March 1 (or within two weeks if applying after Feb. 15).

Travel information is sent to all in early March. If you must book your flights before receiving festival's travel information and prefer to use festival's bus from and to Munich airport, make sure you arrive by 1 p. m. on arrival day (July 5) and depart no earlier than 12:00 noon on the departure day (July 19).


Orfeo Music Festival has a limited number of merit scholarships available.  To be considered, you must include your written request as part of the application package. Scholarship requests are not accepted after your application is submitted. Priority is given to those showing highest merit as demonstrated in the audition recording. Financial need is used only as a secondary consideration. We are unable to provide any advance information on financial aid amount. The written scholarship request must include

1) the most recent tax return,

2) a letter stating your musical achievements,

3) the amount of scholarship you are requesting and a statement of the financial circumstances on which your request is based. Please be aware that large scholarship requests without accompanying merit may jeopardize your acceptance. Scholarship amounts will depend on the number of applications and fund availability. Scholarship recipients are assigned additional administrative/office duties during the festival.  Scholarship checks are to be requested after successful completion of duties following the festival and mailed to student’s address provided.

Please explore your local community, including arts, religious or civic organizations, schools and private donors for alternate sources of financial aid. Private donors will receive a tax deduction receipt from the festival since Orfeo Music Festival, a non-profit organization, is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code .

University Credit Information

Music Elective Credit at the Undergraduate and Graduate Levels: Many universities provide music elective credits or partial credits for students in summer programs. If it is possible for your university to award such a credit or partial credit for your OMF participation, please contact us at


"This has been a wonderful experience for me.  It feels possible to fit a year’s worth of learning, performing, and listening into only couple weeks (impossible at home, where other responsibilities get in the way) and the exchange of ideas, inspiration and new friendships are as good as the music!  Thank you."


How to submit your payment

5%  fee is added if using PayPal.

Mailing address for all materials:

Orfeo Music Festival
P. O. Box 667102
Houston, TX 77266, U. S. A.


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