The Orfeo Music Festival encourages a healthy approach to making music by offering Psychology of PerformanceYoga and Body Mapping classes.

Psychology of Performance

The class will meet as a group in an informal, workshop setting three times a week.  All festival participants are welcome to join. The workshop will address issues such as managing performance anxiety, the messages we give ourselves while we are playing, and individual, practical ways for each person to achieve a more satisfying musical life. I am available as counselor and musical coach during each session, and use this format to create a nurturing, supportive environment where we can explore our relationship to our instruments and music.  Playing for each other within the group can be the way to get the most out of it, but not a requirement for being included.  People are invited to bring any piece of music they choose, something new, something in process, or a fully prepared piece.

Yoga Classes

The magnificent surroundings of the Italian Alps rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. This rejuvenating experience and its connection to music making can be more deeply explored through and Yoga. Yoga class is designed for general public and musicians, taking into account their disposition to specific physical ailments, and preparing them mentally and emotionally for performances.

Festival participants can elect to take this course for an extra fee.  This course is fun, interactive and geared towards the specific needs of participants!

By attending the class you can expect improvement in:


Yoga with Helene Egger

Yoga is an old and traditional way to inner balance and peace. Through yoga you will find and adjust your bodily centre, balance your mind increasing focus, presence and awareness. Due to release of physical and mental tensions and anxieties, movements will become harmonious and flowing.  Breathing practice will increase your breathing capacity, you will feel vitalized and energized. During our sessions the focus will be set on your individual needs. It is an efficient method to release bodily tensions and its sources, thus regaining vitality, peace and joy.

Helene Egger studied yoga and Vedanta philosophy during a trip through India in her early twenties. She met H.W.L. Poonja, disciple of a famous Indians saint Sri Ramana Maharshi and was his student. Deeply affected, she continued to focus her interests on yoga and spiritual practices, meeting and learning with various teachers.  In 2008 she completed the yoga teachers training in Reith, Austria and is teaching since then.

Body Mapping

Body Mapping at Orfeo Music Festival Stephen Caplan’s course What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body uses Body Mapping to help musicians develop a more healthy musical technique through an accurate understanding of the body. It is particularly useful for musicians who have experienced injury or who wish to prevent injury. This course is fun, interactive and geared towards the specific needs of participants!

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