Orfeo Music Festival in Italian Alps is an international summer classical music and arts event widely known for its artistic excellence. World-class musicians return year after year to Orfeo to play together and to mentor a new generations of young talented musicians, to develop and support high standards in music performance. Since the time of its founding in 2003, Orfeo Festival’s mission is to celebrate and promote artistic excellence, to provide superior education in an environment that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and builds lasting human and artistic bonds. Participants and audiences are drawn to Orfeo because of the transforming experience they find each year in the richness of music and culture created here every summer.

The fruits of in-depth rehearsals are brought to the public in daily festival concerts. Participants have the opportunity to challenge themselves to exceed their limits, take risks, be transformed by hearing concerts of Orfeo’s master musicians, to attend or play/sing in masterclasses with Orfeo’s acclaimed guest and resident artists. They can perform in concert or play for fun with new music friends, they can exchange creative ideas and engage in musical dialogues at chamber music rehearsals or create opera scenes together, they can meet new people and have fun.

A variety of programs at Orfeo  include Instrumental, Chamber Music, Professional Development for Educators, Vocal Institute, Junior Program, Concerto Competition, International Music Competition, Amateur Chamber Music Holiday, General Arts Program, Language and Health classes, and Art Exhibition.

Arriving to the Alpine surroundings, Orfeo participants are able to live, breath and sleep music and arts for the duration of festival. We take pride in what we offer and invite you to experience the inspirational power of Orfeo Music Festival first-hand.