Vladimir Khokhlov



Vladimir Khokhlov’s life is as interesting as his playing is exquisite. He was born at St. Anthony hospital in St.Petersburg, Florida, where his father, a Soviet naval officer, was on temporary assignment during the American lend-lease program during the WWII. After three years stint in the States, the family returned to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg, Russia). His musical gift was discovered when Vladimir’s father brought a piano from Germany in 1947.

When in the second grade, Vladimir entered the Special Music School for Gifted children at the Leningrad Conservatory, and later studied at the same Conservatory where he remained (except for a six months served at army) until he received a Master’s degree. A vibrant, successful musical career followed, including numerous concert trips throughout Soviet Union, including the most prestigious concert halls in Moscow and Leningrad-St. Petersburg as well as concerts in Japan, Finland, England and Bulgaria. Three times he was awarded Honor Diplomas as best accompanist in vocal competitions.

All of this was practically squelched by KGB when Vladimir spoke out against conditions in Soviet Union, especially regarding the emigration of so many fine artists for better opportunities elsewhere . The first coup attempt in January 1991 was the catalyst for Vladimir’s desire to return to the land of his birth. From the American side, he had no problem entering the United States, passport in hand. Requesting a return to St. Petersburg, Florida, he reached the Bay area in March of 1991. During his years in Florida he performed extensively within the state as well as in New York (Steinway Hall debur in 1996 as award for price winning at the Pinault Society International Competition ), Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Alexandria ,VA . During his Doctoral studies at the Florida State University he won the First Prize at The Graduate Students’ Competition.

Currently, Vladimir runs a successful private Russian Piano School. His students received over fifty awards at different local, state and international competitions. For sixteen years he also conducts Latvian Community Chorus in St. Petersburg, and for eleven years serves as a Music Director of the Russian Heritage Society. “Great traditions of Russian pianists… he literally plumbs the depths of the music – the tonal resources inexhaustible and fire and ice vie unforgettable remembrance . Eloquence is the word. Mozart and Schubert unforgettably beautiful … He discourses, he reveals, he explains. He truly communicates the meaning in Music” (Jacques Abram, Professor Emeritus, USF). “He has requisite qualities in a musician… delicate touch … extremely sensitive true rubato rare among pianists today…wonderful addition to cultural community in Tampa Bay area… immense talent.” (Edward Cumming, Music Director, Hartford Symphony).