Registration for Instrumental Program

*Register early and take advantage of Early Bird Discount if your tuition is paid by January 15, and Refer a Friend Discount or Being Referred Discount (see Application Form for details).


1) Send Application Form and pay Application Fee as early as possible. Application deadline is Feb. 15, but we will accept later applications if vacancies remain.

2) Receive your Status of Admission email and, if accepted, complete your registration by paying tuition by March 1 (or within two weeks if applying after Feb. 15).

Travel information is sent to all in early March. If you must book your flights before receiving festival's travel information and prefer to use festival's bus from and to Munich airport, make sure you arrive by 1 p. m. on arrival day (July 5) and depart no earlier than 12:00 noon on the departure day (July 19).

Non-U. S. students that need a visa for Italy: apply as soon as possible. 

We advise that Chinese student apply for visa from U.S. if possible. 

Only complete applications are considered. I'm sending the following items by email to:
I am submitting all of the following:
Have you attended Orfeo MF before?
How did you first learn about OMF? *
website address, school name, teacher's name, name of publication, etc.
Name *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
If not ready, please email when you have it.
Cell Phone
Cell Phone
T-Shirt Size *
Parent/Guardian Information
(Needed in case of emergency/required for minors)
Parent Cell Phone *
Parent Cell Phone
Work Phone
Work Phone
Teacher's Cell Phone
Teacher's Cell Phone
Select Program (select one) *
Select Program Length and Accommodation (Cat. A (bathroom in the room) / Cat. B (bathroom on the floor)
IF YOU PAY APP. FEE BY FEBRUARY 15 AND TUITION BY MARCH 1, SELECT ONE. *Double/Triple Room occupancy - See below for Single Room Supplement
If you sign up for Additional Instrument instruction, mark which instruments below. If taking Voice, you need to apply to Voice Program and add Instrument as Optional Course.
Orfeo International Music Competition
Last year's winners are not eligible
I am applying to enter the competition and submitting competition entrance fee
Orfeo Festival Concerto Competition
I am applying to enter the Concerto competition and submitting competition entrance fee
You will be informed of your status in early May. If you are a winner of the First Round you will have to submit your Final Round Program by May 10 (two contrasting pieces from standard repertory approved by your Professor not exceeding 15 minutes, singers consult your Professor). The Final Round will be held during the Festival in Italy and open to the public.
Would you consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Orfeo Scholarship Fund? Would your relatives wish to support your participation by making tax-deductible contribution? The fund offers programs and scholarships to enhance the lives of students including under-resourced youth through music and education including festival participation.
Yes, I would like to make the following tax-deductible contribution in the amount of:
All fees must be in U.S. dollars and can be paid by credit card through PayPal, money order/cashier’s check/Western Union transfer (notify by Email).
I am interested to sing in choir (if offered). My voice type is:
Peformance Interest
To Pianists
All discount deadlines are final. We reserve the right to make changes to our discount policy, including changes in price, content, description, terms, etc. at any time without notice. See below for terms and conditions relating to specific discounts.
1. Early Bird Discount
Current Early Bird Discount $100 is applied only to tuition paid by January 15.
2. Refer A Friend Discount
In order to receive your $100 Refer A Friend Discount, we must receive 1) your completed registration form, 2) program fees, 3) name of friend that you refered to Orfeo Music Festival ENTERED BELOW and your friend should enter your name on his/her application form as a referral. We will not award Refer A Friend Discount after registration form has already been made by your friend without your name as a referral. There is no limit to how many Refer A Friend Discounts you can earn.
3. Being Referred Discount
In order to receive your $100 Being Referred Discount, you MUST enter your OMF registered participant friend’s name when you fill out your registration form. You cannot receive this discount if OMF Registered Participant who referred you completed registration at the same date or after you did. Once you have completed the form, paid your fees, your discount will be applied and you can then start referring your friends to earn more discounts.
MINORS will only be accepted with the following signed parental consent. I authorize my daughter/ son, to participate at the Orfeo Music Festival, and relieve the Festival, its agents and employees of all responsibilities. If children under 14 are traveling with their Professor, parents should secure a legal permission letter.
Applicant's Signature/Parent or Guardian Signature for students under age 18.
By signing this application, I agree to the following: I have read and agree to OMF Terms and Conditions, deadlines and policies. I accept full financial responsibility for any and all damages to property caused by me or medical expenses incurred by me while at OMF. I confirm that I would like to participate in the Orfeo Music Festival [OMF], but that acceptance is at the discretion of the OMF. I understand that the information in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that the audition recording submitted with the application is my own unedited performance. I also understand that participants are required to stay for the full duration of agreed term and follow festival's regulations. OMF reserves the right to expel any participant for violation of OMF regulations, city ordinances or state law without refunding any fees paid. OMF regulations include no underage alcohol consumption, no possession or use of firearms or illegal drugs at festival. Students are expected to adhere to basic standards of honesty and character: plagiarism, dishonesty and cheating in OMF-related matters are prohibited and will result in student’s dismissal from the festival. I agree to participate in assisting with light office- and stage-managing that engages ALL festival participants and confirm that I will fully complete my assignment provided on my individual schedule upon arrival at the festival. Additional festival duties may be assigned to scholarship recipients; failure to perform these assignments will revoke the benefit of scholarship. If accepted, I understand that tuition and all fees are due at registration or within two weeks of acceptance the latest unless a special payment arrangement is made in writing. Tuition is refundable (but not the application fees) only if participation is declined by OMF. If participant is approved, tuition and other fees are non-refundable for any reason, non-transferable and cannot be applied toward another year's festival expenses. Upon arrival, it is student’s responsibility to verify that all courses he/she signed up for appear on their individual schedule and notify the office in writing before the 2nd day of festival. Festival hotel room assignment may not be changed. Participants are responsible to find and pay for their accommodations if for any reason are not satisfied with room assignment. I understand that concert assignment may not be changed after it is confirmed in the festival assignment email. I understand that assigned concert dates found on the printed concert program may not be changed. I release OMF and its agents and employees, from all claims, demands, and causes of action because of any injury, illness, or loss which may occur during my participation in the festival. OMF is not responsible for safeguard of the instruments or personal objects. Students are advised to take out their own insurance. Students are financially liable for property damages on the premises including the Academy and concert venues. By registering for the OMF, I acknowledge that I grant permission to the OMF to use any photograph or video containing my likeness. Such images may be used for promotional, news, research, or educational purposes. Faculty and Artist roster is subject to change without notice. I agree to all statements made above. If accepted, I understand that tuition and fees are due in full at registration.

How to submit your payment

To pay online, use the PayPal button below. 5% Processing Fees are added.

Mailing address:

Orfeo Music Festival
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